The SSP is a star party held in South Africa, somewhere in the Western Cape, twice a year. It is organized and presented twice a year by the StarPeople team of Auke Slotegraaf, Edward Foster and Lynnette Foster.

Events and activities include talks, workshops, guided observing sessions, astrophotography practicals, exibitions and displays and, on occasion, the infamous SSP AstroQuiz might sneak in. Best of all are the many, many opportunities to socialize, share the night sky and pick up all sorts of usefull tips on how to make your hobby more enjoyable.

At the 18th Southern Star Party, StarPeople held a Lucky Draw and the prize, thanks to a very generous donation by the owners of Leeuwenboschfontein, was an accommodation to the value of R1200 in any house on their fantastic 4×4 holiday farm. All anyone had to do to enter the Lucky Draw was to buy an R50 ticket.

Rob Bark was one of the people who bought a ticket and it was his name that was drawn on Saturday the 22nd of February. Congratulations Rob and enjoy your stay at Leeuwenboschfontein but just make sure you go before the end of October because that is when the voucher expires.

The artwork and layout of this Gift Certificate were done by Marize Lotter who can be contacted at emlotter@gmail.com if you are interested in making use of her artistic talents.