Notice 09: Deep Sky Observing Weekend. (October 16-18, 2020)

This event replaced the planned SSP’20 Spring Southern Star Party which was to have taken place at Leeuwenboschfontein between October 13—19, 2020.

Come to Leeuwenboschfontein from the 16th to the 18th of October and share some of the darkest skies you are likely to find this close to Cape Town with like-minded astronomy enthusiasts. You bring a telescope, binoculars, camera or whatever you wish to bring and spend a weekend observing and talking astronomy. If you don’t want to bring any equipment just bring yourselves and enjoy Leeuwenboschfontein by day and the stars at night.

Leeuwenbosch has a magic all of its own which is not limited to the magnificent night skies.

You are, of course, welcome to come earlier in the week if you would like to have more observing time, but I suspect most people will probably only arrive on Friday. When you come is not important, but it is important that you do come, please.

There will be no talks or formal gatherings, so social distancing and adherence to the Covid-19 rules  will always be under you own control. There is also more than enough space on the lawn, and elsewhere at Leeuwenboschfontein, to ensure that all the social distancing rules can be complied with while observing. You book your own accommodation and share or don’t share, whichever takes your fancy. By mid-October the weather will have settled down and warmed up, so Leeuwenboschfontein is the ideal venue to relax during the daytime and do some serious observing after dark under their pristine skies. Remember too that the warmer October weather makes Leeuwenboschfontein’s lovely campsites a definite proposition for your stay there.

A magnificent star trail taken by Paul Kruger at a previous SSP at Leeuwenboschfontein

This is not a Southern Star Party and StarPeople are not presenting anything. Lynnette and I are only putting the suggestion/invitation out to entice astronomy enthusiasts out to Leeuwenboschfontein for some serious stargazing. Nothing is pre-organized, nothing will be presented, no guest speakers, no coffee & rusks, so there will be no registration fee.

Please phone Hermien at 023 004 1307 and make a booking, she would love to hear from you. In case you have forgotten what the accommodation at Leeuwenboschfontein entails, pop over to their website at and check it out.

This is what you get when Leeuwenboschfontein pulls out the stops to give you one of its incomparable crisp clear nights.

Update on bookings at Leeuwenboschfontein for the Stargazing weekend

As of 22:00 on the 15th of September 2020 the following accommodation is still available:
One chalet with bathroom,
De Kraal (fully furnished house with two bedrooms), and lots of lovely camp-sites.

The Leeuwenbosch Observatory has kindly offered its site to the Astrophotographers for the duration of the occasion. There is electricity and you will have the use of the ablution facillities.  Please contact Marius Reitz at +27 79 515 3571 for further information.

Because there is no registration fee, it also means that the barn has not been hired for this period.  One of the costs covered by the registration fee is the R30 per person attending for the use of this facillity. Hermien informed us that she will be charging R30 per person for the use of the barn to store telescopes during the event at LBF.  You will also have to negotiate with her about the use of the chairs in the barn. At past events people have used them at their telescopes on the lawn but that has been covered by the fee StarPeople paid.  The kitchen in the barn is off limits