Report 06: 16th SSP. (April 03-08, 2019)

It was a huge success. There were more than 70 people ranging from complete novices to seasoned amateur observers with a very light dusting of professional astronomers just to balance things out.

I am going to let the photographic record speak for a really wonderful event.

To present an SSP you start with an empty hall.
… and lots of stuff
… and end up with this
… you need people too, preferably lots of them
… some do war dances
… others dress to blend in with the wildlife
… and some folks are just there to look friendly
and the astronomical cat, called Snorre, insists on being in at least one photo
We also had a presenter or two
and two new veterans

There were lots of telescopes – 35 all told – of all shapes, sizes and configurations and many more people to go with them.

I almost forgot! There were also stars, lots of them, which is why we go to Leeuwenboschfontein in the first place, isn’t it?

So, that’s it until the 17th SSP in September 2019, also at Leeuwenboschfontein.

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