Announcing the 2019 Autumn SSP. (April 03-08)

As we promised the 16th Southern Star Party or if you prefer it the Autumn 2019 Southern Star Party is just around the corner and we would like to invite you to come and spend time with us under some of the best dark skies available within easy driving distance of Cape Town. 

The official programme runs from Friday the 05th till Sunday the 07th but we urge you to pitch up on Wednesday the 03rd and stay till Monday the 08th. That way you will get lots more personal observing time.

Update – 01 April 2019


This week is the start of Global Astronomy Month and on Wednesday the 03rd of April the 16th Southern Star Party kicks off at Leeuwenboschfontein. Most of the people will only arrive on Friday the 05th and the main program with the talks is on Saturday the 06th.

Update – 24 March 2019

April is Global Astronomy Month so if you really needed an excuse to attend the 16th Southern Star Party at Leeuwenboschfontein that’s it! Please, join us to celebrate Global Astronomy Month from the 03rd to the 08th of April. The official programme runs from the 03rd to the 07th but don’t let that stop you from arriving sooner or leaving later. There are still some very nice campsites available if you’re quick. Make Global Astronomy Month a memorable one by celebrating it under the dark, dark skies at Leeuwenboschfontein.

Update – 12 March 2019

We now have 53 adult attendees and 10 children coming to the April 2019 Southern Star Party but we still have plenty of space in the lovely campsite. Please get yourself organized and send in your applications because we really want you there.

It took just 15 minutes after the booking opened at 11:00 on Monday the 25th of February for all the non-camping accommodation at Leeuwenboschfontein to be snapped up. The organizers of the 16th Southern Star Party would really love to have you there, but you will have to camp. The campsites are very nice and well equipped too. Please come and join us for an unforgettable experience under some of the best dark skies within two hours drive from Cape Town.

What can you expect at the 16th Southern Star Party?

Our main speaker is Dr Daniel Cunnama – Science Engagement Astronomer at the South African Astronomical Observatory. Be sure not to miss his presentation on Saturday the 06th of April at 10:15.

The second speaker is Dr Sally Macfarlane – Lecturer at the Deptartment of Astronomy at the University of Cape Town who is also a presenter & operator at the Iziko Planetarium (and several other things too!)

“What’s up tonight” with Auke Slotegraaf on Friday and Saturday evening. For logistical reasons you have to register for this event, but everybody is welcome.

“So say we all” with Auke Slotegraaf on Friday and Saturday evening (you have to register for this event). This is a deepsky tour of deepsky objects that have (or should have) their own Twitter and Instagram accounts. Binoculars will be fine, a scope will be better, but none of this is necessary. All you really need is to be interested in Astronomy!

Short talks by fellow astronomy enthusiasts

This is a concept we started at the 15th Southern Star Party in September 2018 and we had lots of very positive feedback. We ask several amateur astronomers to tell us about how and why they became interested in Astronomy and what keeps them interested.

Beginner’s Sessions  with Edward & Lynnette Foster

For logistical reasons you have to register for this event and to print your own notes. Please go to “downloads” on our website where you can download the following:

Big 5 of the African Sky – The best of the best!
ConCards – free star atlas
Stargazing 101 from ASSA
Discover (version 3)
Southern Star Wheel – free DIY planisphere (A3 please)

If you ask us to we will supply all this, ringbound for R150.

Sale Table

We are going to have a Sale Table this time around. So, if you are trying to get rid of unused equipment, or books, or anything else remotely related to astronomy, bring it along. Remember, the stuff you don’t want might be the very item somebody else would love to have!