Notice 04: 15th SSP that became an Extended Deep-Sky Weekend. (March 14-19, 2018)

This was to have been the 15th SSP but, due to unforeseen circumstances, two things will now happen.

Firstly, this event will not be in the format of the Southern Star Party as many of you have come to know it since 2011 and will therefore not be called an SSP.  It will, in fact, not be a Star Party at all. It will take the form of an extended Deep-Sky observing session and there will be no official programme, just lots of observing and lots of personal interaction between the people that attend.

Secondly, we will not be at Leeuwenboschfontein, where the very successful 13th and 14th SSP’s were held in 2017. Instead, we will be returning to Night Sky Caravan Farm about 27 km from Bonnievale on the road to McGregor, where eleven of the first 12 SSP’s were held.

The intention is to concentrate on personal observing at night with lots of one-on-one discussions and informal group chats during the day. In a sense, this is a sort of back to basics observing camp.

We do, however, have Dr. Chris Kyba from Germany with us for the duration of this event. He is an internationally acclaimed scientist working on combating light pollution and he will gladly share his expertise with all who wish to talk to him. Corné van Dyk will also be on hand with a list of interesting Deep-Sky objects for interested stargazers to hunt down with him.

Beginners and novices are, as always, very welcome. There is no official beginners program with handouts, but there will be more than enough willing astronomers and telescopes available to help you.  So, all you beginners and novices please join us for an astronomy experience to remember.

Please note that under the heading ‘Downloads‘ on the main page there is a subheading ‘Star Charts & Observing Aids’ that lists some very useful free material for downloading.

Everyone has, by now received their notification, route map and application form.

Route Map to Night Sky Caravan Farm

Application form

Only camping sites are still available as of 28 January at 21:12

Who’s coming?

To date (2018.03.12) the following sixty-seven fantastic people have already registered:

Hansie Aucamp, Maureen Aucamp, Robert Bark, Deon Begemann, Ronelle Begemann, Alan Cassells, Rose Cassells, Pamela Cooper, Lancea Crafford, Pierre De Villiers, Iain Finlay, Chris Forder, Edward Foster, Lynnette Foster, Peter Harvey, Christine Kersting, Dianne Kohler, Robin Kohler, Bennie Kotze, Paul Kruger, Christopher Kyba, Martin Lyons, Annette Malherbe,  Deon Pienaar, Nelda Pienaar, Sonika, Kim Reitz, Marius Reitz, Desiree Rorke, John Saunders, Barry Shipman, Auke Slotegraaf, Awie Smit, Smit Doret, Jana Smit, Jurie Smit, Elane Strauss, Corne Van Dyk, Wendy Vermeulen